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3 mars 2021

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Avengers: endgame 2019.

I was shocked. Best superhero movie I have ever seen

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This one time chance to do something even more epic than Infinity Wars, which would be a legendary feat, was wasted, as Endgame is nowhere near.
Let me start with saying, that as a fan of superhero movies, I’m underwhelmed and disappointed with this new production, because it was supposed to be great, not just average. Fans hoped that it could top the Infinity Wars, but it failed miserably instead. Infinity Wars is still an ultimate superhero movie after all, and will stay that way for a long thing happen to Matrix, if you remember, ultimate sci-fi cyberpunk. They just couldn’t make anything even remotely alike, let alone better (while plenty of fans had such a great ideas. Back to the topic. br>
1. What did they do to Thor? What did they do to Hulk? Ant man becomes a town clown? All the Avengers couldn’t be more miserable in that movie. What happened with unbroken superhero power of will? All of them are depressed, soaked in regrets and self pity. That’s not how superheroes function! There’s nothing uplifting and epic about this movie. Politically correct propaganda that crying over fallen heroes are more important than the survival of the individual, with the message that primary motivation should be to sacrifice yourself for others. Superheroes thrive regardless of anything and that to me should be a message, not crying over what already happened. « It has to work, if it doesn’t than I don’t know what I will do » or something like that, really? There are plenty of cheesy and meaningless lines like that, in this movie.
2. Why every single sentence spoken is followed with a long pause, like there’s some revelation that viewers need to think upon. That’s seriously annoying. You remove all the pauses and movie becomes 2 hours instead. It’s like with mechanical precision they inserted those pauses to add to a dramatic effect. It did its work to make people bored though.
3. Time travel, seriously? They had to refer to « Back to the future » twice to justify that this time, time travel will be done right. Not creative at all, copy of something we’ve seen before. Again, so many ideas that could be mind blowing, rather than this « time heist » and yet they made their bet on time heist.
How about that: Thanos didn’t erase 50% of population, but created a split into two parallel universes, where each half of population (and superheroes) lives their own lives, not knowing that the other part survived, and tries to revert what happened, and to unite with it’s twin universe, so to speak. Then we could watch what happens in parallel universes, two timelines at the same time. If they really wanted time travel, why not make it more interesting, puzzling and. with less holes in the plot. Yes, I understand, that if you change something in past, you change someone else future by spinning new parallel universe, without changing your own past. But even with this simplification they couldn’t make it right.
How did they manage to stuff the whole spaceship, full of warriors through the « quantum machine » with a limited whatever particles they had? Wouldn’t it be lot easier for Avengers to get on the pod together to save some precious « pym particles » if that was possible. The list of technical flaws regarding this highly hypothetical time travel can go on and on. Nothing there makes sense.
4. So snapping fingers is a new thing now? Full command of Infinity stones comes down to snapping fingers, like that’s some kind of cool stuff that kids record on social media or maybe some secret trick that works with Infinity stones only? By the way, the gauntlet was forged in outer space with an energy from the star. Can this be replicated with microchips?
5. Lots of repeats and repeats. Infinity Wars had so many original and creative ideas packed into it, including visuals and action scenes. In Endgame we witness again struggle for the gauntlet, revisiting same locations, chaotic clash of two armies, emerging of women only battalion (political correctness again intended, if only for a couple of seconds, which makes it even more out of context. That’s another thing, some stuff repeat or drags on, like interaction between particular characters, the others are only shown for few seconds. Captain Marvel for example.
6. Jokes were plenty, too many and tried so hard to be funny but were quite lame in most cases. Sadly the most funny joke was about open wifi in Thor’s lair gaming zone, the other being « I can do that all day » by Cap fighting himself, I know » and finally when Starlord and Thor get together in the spaceship at the end of the movie. Do you recall any other jokes? No, and that’s because they were third class maybe, focused on making fun of Antman.
7. Fornite, seriously? Why don’t you mention AI home assistants and Instagram profiles, to be more aligned with current times.
Then why so many 10/10? Well, probably because they’re all sponsored reviews / sponsored likes, which becomes a norm in every industry.
That has to stop as well. IMDB has to become again a community of people who recommend and share their genuine opinions with others. Movie industry has to stop being driven by shareholders, drive for profit only and computer algorithms.
People crying in the cinema, as some articles report, clapping? I’ve seen people yawning and everyone left before the final credits. That’s how bad it was, compared to Infinity Wars.

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It is the best movie ever. Nothing can beat it. Those who are giving negative review just
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